• Kya Kehna through Vidmate

    The actual presentation of Kya Kehna Indian-Hindi melodrama is projected by Kundan Shah. This director projects a direct graze and a careful look at the present society especially to the major consequences taking place today and clenches them up for demonstration. As these Indian propensities is to hide the unsolved events under cover, and on such cases movies like Kya Kehna when displayed to the whole world will initially guide us to be enforced in challenging the events taking place around us without any fear.

    In the site of critic writers, this movie sustained to be one of the best entertaining movies with a stipend family in it. Not only that, another critic was even though the movie obtains various up and downs in it, it still indulges in eradicating the major problems by solving them.

    In other words, Kya Kehna film is mainly picturized on a single teenage girl as a mother casted by Preity Zinta who has vigorously faced the major phase of pre-martial pregnancy and the different views of the society on her. On the other hand, Kya Kehna viewed at the title in a logical manner.

    Even though, this movie had to pass through various consequences mainly because the viewers were not at all ready to attain single motherhood outside marriage. But still, the demonstration and the true message implied by this movie did convince the spectators to obtain the consequence in a much better view.

    Moreover, this film fully empowers the women to fight for justice in a bigoted system. The actual daringness shown by this girl to the society is really a good lesson to all the girls. This film suggests a good lesson to all the girls out there to be aware of the consequences that are taking place around them.   

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    All in all, even though the movie was appreciated by film critics the picture is extremely good all due to the wonderful performance done by Preity Zinta. She is the major spotlight of the movie resembling as a teenage mother.

    Regarding the music in the movie, the soundtrack of the story consists of 8 beautiful songs in it. And the music is sprinkled by Rajesh Roshan through the assistance of Majrooh Sultanpuri.

    Conventionally, the movie at the box office has obtained a major victory and appears to be one of the highly rated Bollywood movies of 2000 and was proclaimed as “Hit” in India.

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